Rogue Architecture


Rogue Architecture has teamed up with mulitple collaboratives to better serve its clients.

PIE Consulting Engineers

PIE Consulting & Engineering

PIE Consulting & Engineering is a leading forensic engineering and building sciences firm with office throughout the nation.

Western, LLC

Western, LLC

Western, LLC provides turn-key facility development for the Oil & Gas and Aviation Industries.

The RMH Group

The RMH Group

The RMH Group is a full service mechanical, electrical and industrial process consulting engineering firm.

A.D. Miller

A.D. Miller Services

A.D. Miller Services provides the highest quality construction and property management for the commercial industrys.


Collaborative Services

In addition to the base Services performed by Rogue Architecture, the following is a summary of services provided through Collaborations with mulitple Consultants:

Building Envelope

  • Air Barrier Peer Review at Design (in all of Rogue’s Projects)
  • Vapor Barrier Peer Review at Design (in all of Rogue’s Projects)

MEP Engineering

  • Renewable Energy Measures
  • Energy Conservation Measures
  • Energy Master Plans - Future Expansion
  • Steam Turbines
  • HTHW and MTHW Systems
  • Multi-Zoned Systems based on building orientation.
  • Natural Ventilation
  • Thermal User Control
  • Energy Modeling
  • Generator and Back-Up Power
  • Energy Management Control Systems
  • Chiller Optimization
  • Humidity Control
  • Addition / Upgrades to Energy Infrastructure

Structural Engineering

  • ATFP - Blast Analysis
  • HazL Testing
  • Progressive Collapse Design
  • Blast Resistance Retrofit to Ex’g Buildings
  • Pre-Cast concrete panels

Civil Engineering

  • EPA Permitting
  • Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans for Construction Activities
  • Good Site Balance = Cut & Fill
  • Positive Drainage

Landscape Architecture

  • Irrigation Zones based on plant material
  • Local landscape
  • Understanding of Micro Climates
  • Availability of Plant Material
  • Vulnerabilities of Selected Landscape
  • Maintenance
  • Education of User to prolong life of landscape material
  • Water Conservation
  • Irrigation Design