Rogue Architecture


V.A. Medical Center - Combined Heat & Power


U.S. Department of Veterans’ Affairs


VISN 19 – Cheyenne, Wyoming

Project Statistics:

Government / Federal
Historical / SHPO
Renewable Energy Measures
Energy Conservation Measures
Incorporation into Existing Energy Infrastructure
Opinion of Probable Costs


The RMH Group - MEP
The Sheflin Group - Structural


Project Description

The purpose of this project is to identify and implement technologies that will reduce energy consumption and minimize operating costs.

The Design Team identified options of Renewable Energy Measures (REM) and Energy Conservation Measures (ECM) and evaluated their applicability to the Cheyenne VAMC. A major consideration was a measure that required the least amount of disruptions to the existing energy infrastructure.

Currently each of the three existing boilers is set to produce 85 to 90 psig steam which is then converted at the boiler plant to 60 psig steam for distribution to the facilities from Building 13.

The Design Team provided anticipated costs for the various REM and ECM options for the VAMC to Select the most viable. The VAMC has select ECM-1A - 150 KW Steam turbine electrical power generation from steam boilers.

The steam turbine option for combined heat and power was favorable in terms of both the simple payback period and the energy savings per overall cost of implementation and operation. As indicated on Energy Cost Analysis, the annual CO2 emissions reductions-to-annual cost ratio is favorable when compared to the other options.