Rogue Architecture


Rogue Architecture provides complete architectural and project development services to all their clients. The following is brief summary of the services we provide: 

    • Master Planning
    • Campus Planning
    • Building Assessment & Field Investigations
    • Due Diligence Reports & Feasibility Studies
    • Programming & Space Planning
    • Architectural Design Guidelines
    • Project Scheduling and Phasing
    • Budget Analysis & Opinions of Probable Cost
    • Marketing & Capital Campaign Assistance
    • Entitlement & Site Plan Approvals
    • Project Development w/ local AHJ
    • Schematic DesignInterior Design
    • Product & Material Selection
    • Construction DocumentsBid Procurements
    • Permit & Regulatory Approvals
    • Construction Administration
    • Record Documentation
    • Post-Construction Services


Historic Architecture & Preservation

Rogue Architecture provides complete Historic Architecture Services including building assessment, historical reports, adaptive reuse, remedial implementation and budgeting.



Rogue Architecture utilizes the latest computer technologies to develop the required Construction Documents, Presentation Graphics and Project Management, including the following:

  • Building Information Modeling (BIM)
  • Realistic Renderings & Graphics
  • Computer Generate Animations
  • Energy Modeling


  • Energy Conservation
  • Use of Passive Design - orientation, daylight
  • Use of Thin Film PV Panels
  • Construction Waste Reduction
  • Materials and Recycled Contents
  • Local Availability of Materials and Labor
  • Water Conservation
  • Use of Reclaimed Water for Irrigation
  • Design of Site Specific Landscape
  • Create Poly-Cultured Landscapes
  • IR Occupancy Sensors
  • Dimming Panels w/ Timers
  • Photocell integration to exterior lighting
  • Use of Recovered Materials
  • Brownfield Development

 Building Envelope

  • Air Barrier Peer Review at Design (in all of Rogue’s Projects)
  • Vapor Barrier Peer Review at Design (in all of Rogue’s Projects)
  • Roof & Flashing Peer Review at Design


Vitruvian Principles