Architectural Project Manager

The Professional:

 It is my belief that architecture, as a profession and a medium, can shift the cultural paradigms thatdefine how we, as individuals, communities, and a species, live, heal, learn, and grow.In addition to my degree in Interior Design, I also expandedmy education to include EnvironmentalDesign. Through my studies and experiences, I fell in love with healthcare design early in my career as itscomplexities and virtues called me to action.Understanding social justice through design, for the environment and the most marginalized peoplewithin the environment, became my pedagogical foundation. Building on that foundation, I publishedmy honor’s thesis about how to elevate the health status of LGBTQ+ community by desegregatinghealthcare spaces based ongender.I have had the fortune of working on a multitude of projects, from light-rail systems in Toronto andEdmonton, Canada to a children’s hospital in Cape Town, South Africa to a mental health rehabilitationcenter in Redwood, California. I have alsodeveloped healthcare research and design toolkits to facilitatedesign processes. Since then, I have worked on assisted living facilities all over Colorado, healthcarefacilities for the Department of Veteran’s Affairs in North Carolina, and a 17-buildingurban renewalproject for Superior, Colorado.I joinedROGUEto continue to grow and find my place in the world of architecture. Rogue, not just acompany but a spirit everyone brings to our office, has offered us a environment to practice our callingwhile always staying true to ourselves.  Our collective expertise offers a personal touch, unique to aworkspace where people care about their work.

The Inner Rogue:

Outside of work, myinnerROGUEhas fallen in love with everything about Colorado. When Iam not atthe park with my husky puppy, Akira, I am hiking one of the many trails around Denver or celebrating ata beer festival with my husband Brian, our family, and our friends. I grew up in Colorado and feelprivileged to enjoy the scenery as both a child and now as an adult