Architectural Design Associate

The Professional:

From a young age, I felt a strong desire to draw, create, modify, collect, and organize the world around me. Drawing was a natural talent of mine, and while I wasn’t Michelangelo by any means, I was highly motivated to apply my abilities into the field of architecture by enrolling in design workshops and technical drawing courses. As I continued to deepen my knowledge in the field, I was fascinated learning about the history of ancient architecture, Peruvian architecture, and modern architecture, which was monumental in my decision to become an architect. Years later, I became a Teaching Assistant (and alumni) at The Faculty of Architecture, Urbanism, and Arts (FAUA-UNI) and was given an opportunity to educate novice architects. Teaching gave me the ability to rethink, relearn, and reapply my learned theory.


Over the last 20 years in the US, I’ve had the opportunity to further expand my architectural knowledge in new technologies, materials, codes, and architectural software. My professional experience led me to design various types of facilities: residential, commercial, religious, and educational buildings. The ability to implement the newest technology in my scope of work while also designing a wide variety of facilities led me to become a well-rounded professional in the field of architecture. 

The Inner Rogue:

Reinventing myself and my techniques has always been a significant aspect of my work, which fuels my dedication to researching the newest theoretical architectural, constructive technology, architectural BIM software, etc. In addition, I’ve found that travelling to different places has been a great way to widen my perspective of modern architecture and appreciation for different destinations. When I choose a place to travel, I tend to research it well to better understand its rich history, culture, food, goods, and everything that encompasses it. Learning these interesting details helps me enjoy my destination even more and become a better version of myself.