Architectural Designer

The Professional:

As many kids do, I have always had in mind what I might want to do with my life. I remember constantly changing my prospective career choice based on the things I was exposed to growing up. Yet, it was architecture that abruptly came into view, and unlike all my other potential professional dreams, this one took root.  

Of all things to turn my head, it was a set design project in my freshman drama class. I found a new type of joy in creating a floor plan and seeing it come to realization with design and color. And so, I searched for the career which could allow me to retain that same feeling. Soon, becoming an architect was my new obsession. I had discovered that I was drawn to the creative yet intellectual nature of architecture and saw my future through design and technical thinking.  

Because of the thralls of 2020, I was unable to begin college as expected. However, Rogue has given me an amazing opportunity bringing me on as an intern. They have welcomed me into this community of passionate designers and opened my eyes to what architecture can be from a creative and technical prospective. Soon I’ll be off to start my journey in a college architecture program, but I’ll be returning to Rogue as time allows to learn from this amazing group of teachers and use their advice to benefit my own development as an architect. To my fellow Rogues, I extend my gratitude and thanks! 

The Inner Rogue:

Drawing has always been a comfort to me, and I am always working on a portrait or practicing a new technique to incorporate into my drawing style. Aside from hunching over a sketchbook, I enjoy the occasional jog around the neighborhood, getting a new ear piercing or spending time with my family both in the mountains and vegging out at home. Soon I will be exploring the streets of a big city as my college endeavor begins, and I cannot wait to meet other students’ passions about architecture and start this next chapter in life!