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Architectural Design Associate

The Professional:

Growing up creating and building things in my dad’s shop, I developed an innate interest in how things work; how the pieces fit.  These formative years honed my interest in the relationship between science and art that is called architecture. 

My architectural base was formed locally, here in Denver.  Working with very talented people, learning, designing, enjoying the process through the design, construction and celebration of opening a new space and to see it being enjoyed.  To have fun in the office and to enjoy the happiness after all the hard work is completed, continues to be my motivation for the next project.

Today, after many years in the field, my respect of the process remains, intrigued by every little piece no matter its size or function and how it fits and becomes a part of the final structure. Additionally, I thrive on teamwork, prioritizing a client’s needs and materializing a project with my ROGUE teammates.  Ultimately, I remain inspired, which contributes to my quality of work and project ideation. 

The Inner Rogue:

I am happy exploring nature and manmade sights that excite and inspire.  Denver continues to evolve and create new spaces for me to discover.  Being a part of this evolution as a designer, a contributor, is rewarding.  How dull things would be without that sense of curiosity and awe!