Financial Administrator

The Professional:

Throughout my career the one thing that has always held my focus and interest is Project Accounting,diving into the details of projects and the changes that happen along the course of its life. Thedatabases, theintricacies,and modifications to reports that are available to have an end resultof acompleted project with a trail showing the story through time entries and expenditures andsubconsultants, I find it all very interesting and fun. I truly enjoy data. I am a firm believer in the projecttelling a story, although it is just a beginning a middle and an end on paper, a lot happened in betweenand that’s what makes it fun for me. I have worked with subcontractors and general contractors , butarchitecture is where I find myself enjoying the workday the most. Being a fan of architecture helps.

The Inner Rogue:

I  have a 15-year-old, who is typically off being social with her friends, a dog who is 5, his name is ConnorPineapple and a cat her name is Isabella Mozzarella sheis nota year old yet. More likely than not youwill find me and the dog, who the15-year-oldwanted when she was 10 mind you, somewhere in themountains on a trail, chasing fall leaves, at the dog park at Chatfield or in the river (Bear Creek) at one ofthe several parks near Evergreen either chasing sticks in the riveror just playing in the water, he loves tocatch anything in the water.