Architectural Project Manager

The Professional:

I grew up in the house my dad built with his own two hands.  At four years old, standing over the foundation pit seeing the steel dropped into place was mesmerizing.  I thought it was the most amazing thing ever.  This was the day that defined my destiny as an architect.

The ability to organize and synthesize data are some of my strongest assets as an architect.  I have always been able to envision the project in any given space and feel fortunate that spatial orientation comes to me naturally.  All these assets contribute to my work and how I can complement my Client. 

One of my imperatives of working on any project is assuring that the Client is heard.  A clear communicator, I enjoy the process of ideas evolving as they pass back and forth during its design. Ultimately, it is all about creating a space that delights the User.

The Inner Rogue:

I enjoy disappearing into the wilds of Colorado to photograph its natural beauty and to absorb the Earth’s plethora of sight and sound, her “symphony of nature.”  On the flip side, you can find me plugged in and nodding to downtempo beats.

I am currently indulging my Inner Rogue and pursuing the lifelong dream of a Round The World trip.  I hope the experience brings me enhanced design sensibilities, a greater appreciation of different cultures, and a fresh perspective on both myself and my career.