The Professional:

Enticed by creativity and design, as early as I can remember, I continuously find different ways to be creative with all aspects of my life, whether it is with clothes, creating music or drawing, I use design to personalize anything I can get my hands on.

Architecture piqued my interest when I learned buildings can also be designed to meet specific needs, talk about personalizing!  Computer Aided software became my most valuable tool and I soon started to illustrate my creations virtually.

Today I have the most amazing opportunity to be creative and be a designer with a bunch of Rogues.  With their guidance and support, along with my colleagues, I continue to hone my craft with alluring projects which in turn fulfills my imagination.

The Inner Rogue:

Family time is what I do most, which I greatly cherish. Whether traveling to different places, or just having fun at home with my four girls.  I work hard to carve time to continue to harness my creativity through music production and after all that, escape to relax with my wife by watching some of our favorite shows. Oh, and watching sports of course!