Director of Operations

The Professional:

From a young age, I have always enjoyed designing and building.  That connection between thought and hand is intoxicating.  I was very much into Legos.  I remember the packages would come with pictures of other designs that could also be built with the same pieces. Although these did not come with instructions, I would always manage to build those instead.  Once in school, I took my first architectural drafting class and it brought me back to my childhood passion. In that moment I fell in love with the problem-solving nature of architecture and the challenge of uniting building systems.

The projects I manage with ROGUE are incredibly diverse, keeping me mentally engaged and stimulated. In an industry that is always advancing, I find ways to interweave technology into my designs.  My greatest satisfaction is mastering new project archetypes, as it forces me to grow as an individual in the architectural field and makes me an integral part of ROGUE.  Seeing a constructed design rejuvenates me and re-fills me with the passion I infuse into all my projects.

The Inner Rogue:

From my Canadian birthplace on the St. Lawrence to living the Southern California dream, I picked up a passion for travel, learning and adventure.  Attending college in the wild state of Montana was a great way to shape my foundational years as a young architect and as the person I am.  To this day, I have a wanderlust that I will probably never completely fulfill, but the fun is in trying!