Architectural Design Associate

The Professional:

Buildings have always fascinated me.  As an artist, I see buildings as a large canvas where I can sculpt my ideas as a painting.  In my native Bombay, I remember seeing a building with its center completely carved, creating a void, a frame through which you could see the mountains and time a perfect sunset.  This was the moment where I understood I could merge art and architecture. 


Today, I see buildings as functional sculptures.  In my projects, I adhere to my personal edict of simple design with everlasting impressions. Accomplishing this balance brings me a great deal of satisfaction and joy.  Sharing this experience with my clients enhances the process and feeds my passion for the next project.

Diligence and a calm demeanor are my communications tools.  These contributions permeate through each of my projects and support my relationship with my clients.

The Inner Rogue:

Tee time takes precedence.  I am renowned for my slices and hooks.  For me, the 18th Hole is enjoying meals with my friends and family.  When not on the fairway, I relish any impromptu trips to Colorado’s numerous natural wonders.